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The unique set of mini-lenses for smartphone allowing you to see deep inside the micro-world

Up to four mini-objectives on flexible film which cleanly stick on your smartphone or tablet; entrance doors to the microscopic world for everyone. So slim that you can keep BLIPS on your device, even in your pocket, without worrying to lose it. BLIPS works on all models of smartphones and tablets.

The World’s thinnest objectives for portable microscopy on smartphones or tablets

The BLIPS (patent pending technology) is a set of thin lenses on a composite, multilayered flexible film.
The back side surface of the flexible film sticks on the glass of the mobile device (phone or tablet) covering the camera, by purely electrostatic forces. No glue is used behind the lenses, so there are no sticky residues on the camera once the lens is removed.

Standard and Metal Series: the Difference

Four Amazing Mini-Objectives

We carefully designed four lenses for great easiness of use and optical performance.

A link connecting the standard photography to the microscopy realm. By smartphone.

Blips Macro

Blips Macro allows you to take high definition macro pictures, with optical magnification of about 10 times.

It is extremely thin, about 1/50 inch (≈0.5mm), and very user friendly. This is the first step from “standard” photography toward portable microscopy.

Its working distance, i.e. the distance between the lens and the focal plane, is of about 1/2 inch (≈12mm).

Hence, it can be used like a high power magnification lens for precision works, or for a number of other applications where an amplified electronic eye is desired, from technical use to pure fun.

Examples? Quality check of soldering works, cloth, seam, paints or other manufactures. Needle & thread insertion, self-check of moles, or skin, or nails, check in child’s hair for head lice/nits, insects or spiders observation, check of parasites on leaves, etc.
Have a look to the gallery for more inspirations.

Blips Micro

Blips Micro permits the use of your smartphone for real microscopy applications.

Blips Micro can recognize details of about 1/7000 inch (≈1/275 mm), so distinguishing cells or other inhabitants of the micro-world. BLIPS Micro is less than 1/20 inch (≈1.2mm) high, and it turns your phone into a real digital microscope.
You need to keep a distance of ¼ inch (6mm) between the lens and the sample under observation to discover tiny details at high definition. With the use of digital zoom it is possible to achieve magnification over 100x*.

Basic Kit
  • BLIPS Macro
  • BLIPS Micro
  • 1 Sponge

The Lab Kit

We offer a selection of prepared microscope slides plus an appropriate light source and an easy assembling stage for smartphone. Use your smartphone with the BLIPS Micro or Ultra lenses and see the smallest details in transmitted light, like with digital microscope.

Lab Kit:

  • Basic Kit (Metal Reinforced Series)

  • Light Source
  • 2 Sponges
  • Smartphone Stage
  • 6 Prepared Slides

Ultra Lab Kit:

  • Ultra Lens Kit  (Macro-Micro-Ultra / Metal Reinforced Series)

  • Light Source
  • 2 Sponges
  • Smartphone Stage
  • 6 Prepared Slides

Accessories for Blips

We have studied the simplest and most functional accessories for the optimal use of BLIPS in everyday life or for technical applications

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