The Kickstarter campaign for DIPLE is now LIVE!

TODAY, Nov.12 2019 SmartMicroOptics has launched its new Product DIPLE on Kickstarter!!! This crowdfunding reward campaign will last on Dec 18. In these days you can pre-order you DIPLE kit with special discount! VISIT the Kickstarter campaign at this link ;-) Get further information about DIPLE here!

SmartMicroOptics apre a nuovi soci con Mamacrowd!

E' partita da pochi giorni la campagna di Equity Crowdfunding di SmartMicroOptics Srl sulla piattaforma online MAMACROWD. E' possibile ora diventare soci di SMO a partire da un investimento minimo di 500€! In più, potrai scaricare il 40% dell'investimento dalle tasse e avere uno sconto del 50% su tutti i prodotti del nostro sito! A [...]

Our brand new labkit OUT NOW: the BLIPS LABKIT 2

What’s new? THE PHONE/TABLET STAGE: completely different from the original one; its features: a. Extra-solid, made of metal b. With screws, for fine regulation of the focal distance c. Easy alignment of the light source, under the sample d. Support for the phone disconnected from the support for the sample. This feature allows an easy [...]

Blips on SALE on MONOQI!

GREAT OFFER! Blips arrived on the MONOQI marketplace, where you can find great deals, only for few days and for a limited stock! Check them out on this page.

Blips on Bouncy News (Japan)!

Thaks to Bouncy News from Japan for this article on our Blips lenses and on our crowdfunding campaign on Green Funding. Find the article here:

Shipments delayed for disaster in Genoa

Due to the disaster happened in Genoa on August 14th at the Morandi bridge, the SMO's personnel, and the couriers, can not reach the operational headquarter (100m far from the bridge collapsed) for some days. All the ordered goods will be shipped as soon as the building will be accessible again (starting from August 28). [...]