November 2018

Our brand new labkit OUT NOW: the BLIPS LABKIT 2

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What’s new? THE PHONE/TABLET STAGE: completely different from the original one; its features: a. Extra-solid, made of metal b. With screws, for fine regulation of the focal distance c. Easy alignment of the light source, under the sample d. Support for the phone disconnected from the support for the sample. This feature allows an easy [...]

October 2018

September 2018

August 2018

Shipments delayed for disaster in Genoa

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Due to the disaster happened in Genoa on August 14th at the Morandi bridge, the SMO's personnel, and the couriers, can not reach the operational headquarter (100m far from the bridge collapsed) for some days. All the ordered goods will be shipped as soon as the building will be accessible again (starting from August 28). [...]

Blips soon on sale on 🔝 stores worldwide!

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Blips is finally arriving in retail stores around the World! Our bestsellers, the Blips Full Kit 2018 Edition and the Blips Macro Kit, will be soon on sale on some of the most prestigious, international retail stores! Our products will be on sale in the U.S. on the iVANZi shops in Washington D.C. and in Broadway (New [...]

July 2018

Check our new, improved Blips Full Kit 2018!

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There are some new, interesting features in our Blips Full Kit 2018 Edition: -we created a customized box with rubber slots for every single item included in the kit. Very easy to use and to carry with you; -included in the kit there's a very useful plastic box for microscope slides, to protect and carry [...]

June 2018