To achieve great microscopy on a budget, DIPLE Red & Standard is the ideal solution. An easy-to-use, solid and portable kit which transforms any smartphone or tablet into a powerful digital microscope. As a result, you will be able to see microorganisms, tissues, botanical sections and prepared slides everywhere you want!
DIPLE Red provides 35x REAL magnifications with a resolution of 3 micron. Therefore, it is ideal to see cells, microorganisms (protozoans, rotifers, water bears…).
Turn on the light source, place your slide on the stage with the objective lens on it. With this system, you can use your phone to take pictures or videos, or just to take a look at the microworld.
Product SKU: D0003
The pack contains:
  • tweezers (1);
  • DIPLE RED objective lens (1), providing 35 REAL optical magnifications;
  • Standard Stage (1);
  • prepared slides for microscopy (3);
  • plain slide for microscopy (2);
  • light source (1);
  • pipette (1).