Full Kit


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The complete set of Blips lenses

The pack contains:

1 Macro lens
1 Macro Plus lens
1 Micro lens
1 Ultra lens
Free App  (iOS & Android compatible)

Spare, multi-usable adhesive tape included



Do you want the complete range of Blips lenses at a low price? The Blips Full Kit is the one for you! Macro Plus, Macro, Micro and Ultra lenses are all included in one set, allowing you to explore every aspect of the microworld!

The most powerful lenses (Micro and Ultra) perform at their best when they are used to observe thin samples in transmitted light.

1 review for Full Kit

  1. Alfonso (verified owner)

    Exellent, I bought this kit and its awesome.The 4 lens work really good. I cant believe that I can see red blood cells with blips ultra, the red blood cells dont look like 4K because they are too tiny but you can see them. If you dont use a slide with blips ultra it dosent work I tested it an you have to put light down the slide.10/10

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